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AXL Install 3 - Populate Devices

Populating Devices

If you look in Splunk’s Settings > Searches, Reports and Alerts

  • change to All” apps
  • change owner” to nobody”
  • filter’ for get_​devices_​example”

You’ll see we ship a disabled saved search called get_​devices_​example”. Here’s how to convert it to a usable search that you can schedule:

  1. For that search, click Edit and then Clone it to a new search, named get_​devices_​via_​axl” or similar.
  2. View that cloned report, and on the resulting screen click Enable Report to enable it (it clones disabled, like the original). 
  3. Confirm the data looks good for your environment, and remember it might take a few moments for it to return data. Just be patient.
  4. Edit the search (Edit > Open in Search) and add to the end
    | outputlookup devices
  5. Run that search once again to populate the devices lookup for the first time.
  6. In another window, check that your Browse > Devices pages in the app now have fields like productName. Once you’ve confirmed, continue with step 7.
  7. Save the altered search.

Note this only creates the *initial* copy of the devices in the system. Continue below to have it automatically update itself nightly.

Scheduling the AXL search

Go back to Settings > Searches, Reports and Alerts and search for the version of the report you built in the previous step. Once found:

  1. Click Edit, then Edit Schedule for that report
  2. Enable the checkbox to Schedule Report
  3. Change the settings to suit your needs. We recommending Run every day at 1:00 or 2:00.
  4. Click Save.

Next Steps

Now that you have the Devices lookup set up and enabled, there will be a few more fields available to you for use everywhere in the app. You can read about them in our page on Using Devices. Or drop us a line and we’d be happy to hop on with you and show you around what you now have — there’s more there than may first meet the eye.


Installation Notes

There are many ways to deploy, configure and update the Splunk Universal Forwarder. Here we cover a variety of the more advanced ways to handle updating the TA for Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics.

Installation Notes