Concurrency & Utilization

The Call Concurrency and Gateway Optimization was built to answer very specific but important questions about utilization across gateways, sites, or other metrics.

The Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics app gives you concurrency analytics that are built in from the start. Get specific data around common questions like: Are we getting near gateway capacity limits yet at HQ

Is this you? Just a few Concurrency & Utilization issues that can be answered with Sideview.

You wish you could easily see trunks and gateways in CUCM that are getting near capacity.

You think you could probably get rid of a PRI, but you’re not sure.

A team is saying they’re being crushed by calls all day, and you wish you had a chart to show management.

Which teams and agents aren’t using their provided jabber devices or hardphones.

You’ve made a lot of changes and don’t know what the peak concurrency is now for key numbers.

You’re doing a lot of SIP trunking, and your reporting efforts seem to have lagged behind.

You don’t know whether efforts to save money and reduce PRI usage are actually working.

Whether using a scalpel or a sledge hammer, do it with data.

Our Cisco CDR Reporting & Analytics App Lets You…
  • Build dashboards to monitor concurrency and utilization.
  • See when calls are dropping due to capacity limits.
  • Set up automatic alerts when you’re nearing limits.
  • Analyze concurrency and even percent utilization over anything, by anything.

“We can create many reports at the push of a button, for which we previously spent hours.”

– Christoph Rolli, Unified Communications and Collaboration Engineer, Fenaco

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