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You’ve made it this far, but you probably have a few last questions before you proceed. Let us answer them for you.

Common Getting Started” Questions

How long does it take to get the license after I submit the form? 

At the moment the process is manual. We try to get these out quickly but we also are in US hours so you may have to wait some hours. Our apologies!

Once I get the trial license how much time will it take me to get started? 

In approximately 30 minutes, you’ll be up and running with your data coming in. 

What will I do if I run into issues while setting up and starting my trial?

You’re fully supported by our team of experts. There’s no going this alone.

What are the actual steps required to set up the trial? 

Whether or not you have Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud already, setting up the app and getting data flowing in from CUCM is fairly easy and quick. Many people get through all 4 steps in less than 30 minutes:

  1. Install a trial of Splunk.

  2. Install the Sideview apps.

  3. Data Collection.

  4. Complete setup in CUCM.

Does our data ever leave our infrastructure? 

No way. You take our software and install it in your Splunk deployment. It does not phone home in any way and we have no access to it.

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