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Other Data Sources

We have been working hard to extend the footprint of the app beyond on-prem Unified Communications and a great deal has been accomplished there. This page attempts only a brief summary for each. Feel free to contact us for more details about any of the items on this page, or if there is one you had hoped to see here but don’t.

The following data Sources are supported and after talking to us and following the steps, you’ll be able to work with these records in the Investigate and Chart pages of the app, whether or not you also have any CUCM CDR coming in: 

  • CUCM CDR and CMR — listed only for completeness, this is the original, primary data source for the app.
  • CUBE - We have a supported and documented integration for CUBE. Additionally when a call passes from CUBE into CUCM, the app stitches the two kinds of records into a single unified record.
  • Oracle SBC CDR and Oracle Session Router CDR — We have now published a supporting addon on Splunkbase. Follow our Oracle SBC Installation instructions, and we’d love any feedback you have about them too!
  • Webex Cloud, Dedicated Instance, aka Webex Calling Dedicated Instance — this is fully supported and several customers have already switched from using our app with their onprem CUCM, to using it with Webex Calling DI in production. 
  • Webex Webhooks — Outside of Webex Calling Dedicated Instance, it is possible to also ingest webex call and meeting metadata via webhook. This is under active development and can be deployed if you are interested. 

Other data sources that we can help you ingest into Splunk but are not yet integrated in the app’s native functionality

  • Syslog — one common request for which we have a documented solution, is to ingest CUCM application data via syslog, most particularly to track registration / deregistration of critical endpoint devices. 
  • PCCE/UCCE, and somewhat less far along, UCCX
  • SIP traces — there can be a pretty wide variation in formats here, so your format might not be very close to ones that we’ve seen before. However feel free to send us a sample of it and if you generate these a lot and want to see them stitched into the app’s UI, it might not be that hard for us to make it work as a native data_type. 


Installation Notes
Installation Notes
Installation Notes
Installation Notes