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Shoretel 2.0

For all you with Shoretel phone systems, we’ve got news for you!  Shoretel 2.0. What new features does this bring to the table? New Browse Calls Browsing calls was never so easy – you can now have any fields you’d like on the screen.  If you are investigating calls that disconnected for unusual reasons, need […]

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Simple Search Filters

Sometimes the problems we need to solve aren’t hard ones. Rich, Shawn from marketing says that yesterday afternoon he made a lot of calls from his extension 4128, but no one ever picked up. I say he’s just lazy and didn’t make any calls. Can you tell us which one of us is right? Thanks, […]

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Advanced search filters

As we allude to in several other places (notably, in 4.4 interface changes and in performance notes), there’s a whole world of searching that our app provides beyond what’s apparent in the interface. What are we talking about? This field, right here. It’s a pretty awesome field and lets you do pretty much any sort […]

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4.4 interface changes

New in 4.4 we have rearranged a few key pieces of the Browse Calls interface. Overall, the flow through these fields wasn’t as good as it could have been.  In our extensive customer testing (e.g. “we pay attention on Webexes with customers”) we realized that nearly everyone used the fields in an order that didn’t […]

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