Fire drill around Splunk 5.0

We just updated all of our apps!  Why, you ask?

Well, Splunk 5.0 was released this morning, and despite having tested everything against earlier 5.0 builds,   when the GA version of Splunk 5.0 released this morning, we had a little problem!

As you (the Sideview user) know,  Sideview Utils and Sideview apps in general patch and extend quite a lot of functionality in Splunk.   And even though Splunk itself is also constantly changing things from release to release, we know what we’re doing enough so that we hardly ever step on eachother’s toes.

Well, 5.0 is a pretty big number and there was some very minor toe-stepping this morning.  What happened this morning is that Splunk changed something relatively minor about how saved search names are passed around in one area,  but they didn’t make the same change in another area.    I’ve already bored you so lets say no more.

What broke was that Sideview-style saved reports and saved searches would no longer load properly when you clicked the links in the navigation menus.   This broke in the Sideview Report Builder,  in Splunk for Cisco CDR, and in basically any sideview UI where you are saving searches and reports.   NOTE: I don’t think that anything in any non-Sideview-owned app broke, but if you see anything broken and particularly if it looks similar,  contact us.

SHORT VERSION:   If you upgrade to Splunk 5.0,  and you use the Sideview Report Builder,  or the Sideview Chart view,  or if you’re a user of ANY of our other apps,    you should at the same time upgrade Sideview Utils and your other Sideview apps to the latest versions available on this site.

Don’t let this dissuade you from upgrading to Splunk 5.0.  A) because it’s awesome,   and B) because upgrading apps these days is  a simple matter of going to “Manager > Apps > Install app from file”,  and checking the “upgrade app” checkbox.


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