Latest version: 4.4.3

Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics

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App Details

Latest version: 4.4.3
Last updated: November 9th, 2018
First released: June 1st, 2011
Splunk Compatibility: 6.2 - 7.2.X Splunk Cloud Vetted: yes

Easily build the reports you need around Cisco CallManager’s CDR and CMR data.

This Splunk App allows you to easily navigate and build reports on the Call Detail Records from Cisco CallManager. This app is available under a 90-day trial license so take the 30 minutes or so to set it up and start reporting on your incoming production data today!

What you can do, the short version:

  • Simple call reporting tasks on the one hand, for example listing all inbound/outbound calls to or from a particular set of extensions, DN’s, locations or groups.
  • High level reporting and analytics UI in which you can chart almost anything you can think of. Graph the max call concurrency over time for each gateway or split it by each type of device. Generate a call volume report grouped by your office locations or departments.
  • In between those 2 extremes though, the reporting UI is also a powerful tool to investigate and troubleshoot. You can click on any element in any chart and without leaving the reporting UI you’ll drill down and be reporting on those calls. Bail out for a moment to inspect the calls themselves, then dive back into the reporting and expand the timerange. In this way, instead of hoping a set of static reports are giving a full picture, you can move through the data yourself, sanity checking and asking more questions.


Contact us for pricing information through the site or by emailing us at and we’ll respond within a few hours or worst case, within a day.


By downloading a 60 day Enterprise Trial version of Splunk, and using the “download trial” link at the right to get a 90 day trial of our Splunk App, you can set up the entire solution in about 30 minutes and be looking at reports on realtime data coming in. See our detailed installation and setup instructions.

What versions of CUCM are supported?

CUCM 7.0 through the latest release (which is 12.0 as of this writing).

Can the app do… ?

Almost certainly yes. But if before you download the trial to find out, just contact us, send in what you want it to be able to do and we’ll write back quickly.

Can this app be installed on Splunk Cloud?

Yes the app is vetted for Splunk Cloud and can be installed there. We recommend that you contact us before proceeding though.