Key Details for Resellers & Third Parties

How does the app work?

Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics is a Splunk app, meaning it runs on Splunk Enterprise (on-prem), or in Splunk Cloud.

Can I give it a test drive before I commit?

Yes, we offer a free 90-day trial that only takes about 30 minutes to set up. Anyone can download it and get a 90-day trial license key from our site.

Believe it or not, prospects typically set it all up themselves, but we’re always around for questions and respond quickly.

Read the full steps here.

Can I get a demo?

We don’t do canned demos because we usually skip right to a live​walkthrough on the customer’s trial instance, in their actual data.

However, sometimes prospects, resellers, and third parties just need a demo first, and that’s fine. Just note that since it’s not something we do a lot, it’s not the most polished sales demo in the world. On the plus side, you can bring questions as though it was a live walkthrough, and you’re free to interrupt.

For a quick video option instead, we have an 11-minute walkthrough that gives you an idea of what the product does.

Direct or Reseller?

We are split pretty evenly between direct and resellers, and we’re quite easy to work with.

How established is Sideview?

We’re very small and privately funded. However, Sideview and our Cisco CDR product have been around for 10+ years.

Most of our customers are mid-sized businesses and government entities, but we also count 8 of the Fortune 100 as customers.

How does pricing work?

We price the Cisco CDR app by the size of the CUCM deployment itself. Specifically, we price by the total user licenses and unassigned device licenses that are in use, which sounds like a mouthful but is a quick screenshot in PLM or in UCM itself.

The base price is $1700 USD/​year for 400 devices or less, up to the low-ish six figures USD for more than 100K phones.

A word about overages: we price folks where they’re at, but then allow a 30% expansion headroom above that number before any upgrade is required. And we never have a hard shutoff.

Do you have any license and support terms?

We have these, and can certainly send them over if and when someone wants to review them. 

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