Field pickers for everyone!

By popular demand, you can now pick the columns and fields in Browse Calls and also in the “raw call legs” table inside Call Detail. So when you’re looking into something around say call quality fields, with just couple clicks you can make Browse Calls show you everything about those fields instead. And then the next day when you need to cross-check some userid’s or some device names, you can easily do that too. Hopefully another side benefit of this is that our users will get more familiar with all the fields themselves, and thus will get more comfortable using those fields in reports.

Send in your feedback please! It could be one sentence or it could be a 68 page pdf, either way it will be read and digested and quite possibly incorporated into a future release.

some words from the HTML module

Since I’ve been negligent in posting any news, I thought I’d let the HTML module take the wheel for a few minutes. What it has chosen to share are the donut-related comments above a few of its defined methods, written in 2010 when Sideview was just a few months old.

     * clients call this when it may or may not be time to make the donuts.
    worthRequestingNewRows: function(context) {

     * time to make the donuts
    renderHTML: function(context) {

     * someone on the outside may want to barge in the moment there are donuts
    onHTMLRendered: function() {

     * it may or may not be time to make the donuts
    onJobDone: function() {

     * it may or may not be time to make the donuts
    onJobProgress: function() {

     * called each time we get new data from the server.
     * once we have the data, we make the donuts.
     * if you are reading these comments then I probably know you already and 
     * you're one of my favorite splunk developers. If one or both statements 
     * are temporarily untrue email me to rectify both.
    renderResults: function(jsonStr) {

Shotgun Reporting app released

Earlier this year I wrote up an app called “Shotgun Reporting” as an entry for the Splunk Apptitude contest. Here’s its page on the contest site. I like to think it had a shot at winning but it didn’t. In any event it was a fun and pretty intense week prototyping and building it.

In the weeks after, the idea of it got a lot of attention from Splunk, and a few people asked me about it. There was no official way to actually get a copy of it though, which was lame. So I’m happy to write that today that’s been fixed. The app is available for download here as a 90 day trial. Check it out. Give it some of your data and see if it shows you something weird that you didn’t already know. Let me know either way cause I’m curious.

I touch on this in the description as you’ll see, but this really is a milestone in a larger body of work to build a kind of SuperApp. What this comes from is my app development methodology itself. On day one I’ll get a large body of sample data from some new technology or product. Then within a single day I’ll try to both understand that data, figure out what some key use cases around that data might be, and also build a first working version of the app. This first version typically has custom list views and detail views for the key entities represented in the data, and a general report builder with built in drilldown to other reports. I’ve done this a lot and each time it’s maddening because many of the steps I go through could easily be automated, to reduce the time from 1 day to… 4 hours? an hour? 5 minutes? Who knows?

Anyway, hopefully this ends up being the first in a series of apps, on the way to the SuperApp, but until then check out Shotgun Reporting!

New Testimonials page for the Splunk for Cisco CDR app

We just put a couple testimonials for our CallManager solution, Splunk for Cisco CDR.   Check them out if you get a chance.


New screen capture demo of Splunk for Cisco CDR

If you use Cisco CallManager, you will want to check out this 10 minute demo and overview of our reporting solution for CallManager – “Splunk for Cisco CDR”.


And afterwards don’t forget that you can set up a trial version on your own live data in about 15 minutes.  Download the trial, check out the setup documentation and read about pricing all on the app’s homepage.

Sideview Utils 2.7.1 released this morning.

I’m not sure why I haven’t been posting release notes as “news” items on the site. Going forward I think I’m going to post the release notes emails here. Without further ado:

2.7.1 (November 26th, 2013)
> Fixed a bug in the Filters module where certain back-button and
forward-button scenarios would lead to inconsistent UI state.
> Fixed a bug in the Timeline module where it wouldn’t call abandonJob
which made it not filter correctly for “transforming” searches.
> Fixed a bug in the Lookup Updater where if you entered a space or
a comma while editing it would submit the edit. Now the only way to
submit it while typing is to hit Enter.

These are fairly small maintenance fixes but if you use either of these modules or the Lookup Updater then you should upgrade.

Sideview Utils is still alive and well and being downloaded more than ever. There have been a lot of questions about ongoing relevance now that Splunk 6 is out. Here is a short version:

– The Simple XML updates in 6.0 are nice but fairly minimal compared to the set of Simple XML limitations that drive people from Simple XML to Sideview Utils.

– As for Splunk’s new UI framework, if you are a web developer and you like writing and maintaining significant amounts of source code, then you will enjoy diving into the new framework. However over time you may become one of those who return to Sideview Utils due to shorter iteration times and due to the higher number of moving parts in the new framework.

– And if you are not a developer or if you dont like writing and maintaining significant amounts of source code, Sideview Utils is probably still the best path for you.

Also I know there are some folks who haven’t seen the licensing FAQ yet so here’s that link again.

To all the Sideview users in the US – happy thanksgiving!  To everyone else – Enjoy the week when american’s dont answer email very well, or seem to be only half-conscious when they do!


New Licensing FAQ

It’s better late than never – there is now a Sideview Utils Licensing FAQ.

If you’ve ever thought about Sideview Utils and licensing, take a look.   It’s not uncommon for people to have slightly off ideas about the licensing and how it applies to them.  This faq really should clear it up.   And if I seem to have forgotten some important question, definitely send it in and I will add it to the page.

New mailing list for Sideview Utils

1) There is finally a mailing list for Sideview Utils updates.  It’s been something people have been asking for for a long time, and it’s finally here.

So if you’ve been having trouble staying up with all the latest fixes, features, and documentation,  sign up now.  Sideview Utils gets updated every couple weeks on average, as you can see from the release notes, and the updates are pretty significant.

2) In other news since it’s friday and friday in Splunktonia is traditionally a day to celebrate ascii-art, you should note that Sideview Utils now has a saved search inside it by the name of “fishies”.   Run it when you get a chance…

New Cooking with Sideview episodes

I did two videos last December and they’re really the best ones so far so check them out.

In the first, which is the fourth overall, I take a step back and give a broad overview of Sideview Utils. What it is, what it does, why it’s awesome and why you should use it. — Cooking With Sideview Episode 4 – Sideview Utils Overview”

And the other, which is the fifth overall, I go back to doing deep dives and we cover the Pulldown module. — Cooking with Sideview Episode 5 – the Pulldown module.

Both videos are about ten minutes long and very informative so check them out today.

Fire drill around Splunk 5.0

We just updated all of our apps!  Why, you ask?

Well, Splunk 5.0 was released this morning, and despite having tested everything against earlier 5.0 builds,   when the GA version of Splunk 5.0 released this morning, we had a little problem!

As you (the Sideview user) know,  Sideview Utils and Sideview apps in general patch and extend quite a lot of functionality in Splunk.   And even though Splunk itself is also constantly changing things from release to release, we know what we’re doing enough so that we hardly ever step on eachother’s toes.

Well, 5.0 is a pretty big number and there was some very minor toe-stepping this morning.  What happened this morning is that Splunk changed something relatively minor about how saved search names are passed around in one area,  but they didn’t make the same change in another area.    I’ve already bored you so lets say no more.

What broke was that Sideview-style saved reports and saved searches would no longer load properly when you clicked the links in the navigation menus.   This broke in the Sideview Report Builder,  in Splunk for Cisco CDR, and in basically any sideview UI where you are saving searches and reports.   NOTE: I don’t think that anything in any non-Sideview-owned app broke, but if you see anything broken and particularly if it looks similar,  contact us.

SHORT VERSION:   If you upgrade to Splunk 5.0,  and you use the Sideview Report Builder,  or the Sideview Chart view,  or if you’re a user of ANY of our other apps,    you should at the same time upgrade Sideview Utils and your other Sideview apps to the latest versions available on this site.

Don’t let this dissuade you from upgrading to Splunk 5.0.  A) because it’s awesome,   and B) because upgrading apps these days is  a simple matter of going to “Manager > Apps > Install app from file”,  and checking the “upgrade app” checkbox.