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3 - Populate Devices (cloud)

Populating Devices in Splunk Cloud

In Cloud it is a little more advanced and please feel free to contact us. However in somewhat abbreviated form here are the steps: 

  1. create a new and separate index. A suggested name is cisco_​cdr_​app_​lookups”
  2. If you picked a name other than the suggested one, then on your cloud instance go to the Cisco CDR app and then click Settings” > Advanced Search” > Search Macros”. Scroll down and click custom_​lookup_​index”, and change the definition to match the name you chose. Save your change. 
  3. On the local (onprem) Splunk instance on which the AXL app is installed, add the following syntax to the END of your big SPL query:
    | eval lookup_name="devices"
    | collect index=cisco_cdr_app_lookups
    Note again that if you picked a different index name, you will have to reuse that same name here. 
  4. Schedule that search to run once a day. Assuming this instance has already been set up to forward its indexed data to Splunk Cloud, these rows will be sent up to your Cloud instance once a day.
  5. Now on the Cloud SH schedule the following search to run once a day, ideally an hour or so after the first one. Save it with a timerange of last 24 hours”
    custom_lookup_index lookup_name="devices"
    | eventstats max(info_max_time) as latest
    | where info_max_time=latest AND info_max_time>relative_time(now(),"-24h")
    | table name, productName, department, description, className, subclassName, devicePool, mailId, userFullName, userId, callingSearchSpaceName, protocol, securityProfileName, directoryNumber, axlHost, axlPort
    | outputlookup override_if_empty=false create_empty=false devices
  6. That’s it! you’re done! If you have questions about how/​why this works, feel free to contact us

Next Steps

Now that you have the Devices lookup set up and enabled, there will be a few more fields available to you for use everywhere in the app. You can read about them in our page on Using Devices. Or drop us a line and we’d be happy to hop on with you and show you around what you now have — there’s more there than may first meet the eye.


Installation Notes
Installation Notes
Installation Notes
Installation Notes