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Welcome Rich Mahlerwein!

I am extremely excited to announce that Rich Mahlerwein has joined Sideview as of yesterday morning! Rich is a Splunker extraordinaire, an expert on technologies all across the datacenter, a fantastically helpful member of the Splunk community and even a Splunk Trust member. In fact he’s so unique that Splunk literally sent someone out to…  continue reading…

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How to build everything backwards

Our minds, for better or worse, are wired a certain way. We hear someone’s problem and we immediately want to solve it, even before they’re done describing it. This doesn’t even sound like a bad thing does it? A story. The first version of a Thing is built. It’s purpose is to take a process…  continue reading…

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Shotgun Reporting app released

Earlier this year I wrote up an app called “Shotgun Reporting” as an entry for the Splunk Apptitude contest. Here’s its page on the contest site. I like to think it had a shot at winning but it didn’t. In any event it was a fun and pretty intense week prototyping and building it. In…  continue reading…

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