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New Concurrency Calculations!

It’s the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for! We often get asked if the gateway concurrency page could be modified to do other similar things.  In thinking through doing that, we realized that most of the extra use cases could be handled much better if there were a “concurrency” field you could use in General…  continue reading…

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Welcome Rich Mahlerwein!

I am extremely excited to announce that Rich Mahlerwein has joined Sideview as of yesterday morning! Rich is a Splunker extraordinaire, an expert on technologies all across the datacenter, a fantastically helpful member of the Splunk community and even a Splunk Trust member. In fact he’s so unique that Splunk literally sent someone out to…  continue reading…

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How to build everything backwards

Our minds, for better or worse, are wired a certain way. We hear someone’s problem and we immediately want to solve it, even before they’re done describing it. This doesn’t even sound like a bad thing does it? A story. The first version of a Thing is built. It’s purpose is to take a process…  continue reading…

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Shotgun Reporting app released

Earlier this year I wrote up an app called “Shotgun Reporting” as an entry for the Splunk Apptitude contest. Here’s its page on the contest site. I like to think it had a shot at winning but it didn’t. In any event it was a fun and pretty intense week prototyping and building it. In…  continue reading…

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