Latest version: 2.2.3

Mitel/Shoretel Call Reporting

For starters the simple "Browse Calls" pages acts as a call reporting tool, and you can click to see full details for any call.   Next »
The Call Detail view lists everything about the given call, including call quality data and events from the mediastream logs. You can drill down into extension, callerId, dialedNumber and over to see other calls by the same parties.   Next »
Easily customize what fields show up when browsing calls with the searchable field picker.   Next »
When you need complex reporting, it's there. Chart any field values, over any field, split by any field, see the results as a graph or as a table, and save/export/share/schedule it however you need.   Next »
If you're at a loss for what questions to start asking your data, the app itself provides many suggestions for interesting reports on the homepage.   Next »
The new Browse Extensions lets you summarize and report on groups and subgroups of your own design to let you report on call centers, help desks, or any other group of people or phones.   Next »

App Details

Latest version: 2.2.3
Last updated: November 19th, 2020
First released: October 9th 2012
CIM compliance: N/A

Sideview’s Mitel/Shotetel Call Reporting app allows you to easily browse and report your way through the call records generated by Shoretel.

  • Browse and filter calls and extensions, focusing on the information you need to answer your questions.
  • See the full details of any call, including mediastream logs and call quality information, with a simple click.
  • Use the advanced Report Builder to construct, run and schedule practically any custom report you can think of.
  • Share reports with other users.  Easily creating custom dashboards, allowing either interactive use or emailing a static PDF.
  • Create alerts to monitor your Mitel/Shoretel system and its activity.
  • This app is available under a 90-day trial license. Contact us for pricing.  Take it for a test drive and please contact Sideview with any and all questions and feedback.

Check out the Installation Docs.