Sideview Utils



J. Passwaters – Splunk Consultant

About a year ago I was presented with an opportunity which required me to dive head first into Splunk. I’d never used Splunk but needed to learn how to wear a few of the hats: admin, developer, teacher…just an overall ‘Splunk Guy’. After a month creating dashboards with Splunk’s traditional Advanced XML method, I thought I’d check out a Splunk App called Sideview Utils. It claimed to provide some useful modules and tools that made life easier for Splunk dashboard development. After an hour or two I had familiarized myself with Sideview Utils and had re-written a couple of dashboards. I was convinced. The modules and overall flow using Sideview Utils was faster, easier and more intuitive. And although it’s in Beta at the time of this , the Sideview Editor (a GUI for writing Advanced XML dashboards) has been incredibly useful in not only developing dashboards but also in helping me further understand the overall dashboard development process.

Also, on more than one occasion Nick has gone out of his way to help me understand how the modules can be extended using the Sideview Utils CustomBehavior Module. When you read the documentation you’ll notice that Nick instructs you to e-mail him with questions or comments. As he told me, he means it! And I think he even incorporated our conversations into a module or two that were later released in newer versions of Sideview Utils. Thanks Nick.

Alex Iribarren, Backup Service manager, CERN

We use Splunk as a monitoring solution for our backup service, our large tape storage infrastructure and we’re slowly spreading it to other areas. We discovered Sideview Utils quite early on and we were instantly hooked: we wouldn’t dream of developing complex views without it! The modules Sideview Utils provides make our dashboards much more functional, while keeping the XML simple and maintainable. Additionally, the documentation and examples are excellent and the support has always been very responsive.

Roy Imad, Senior SaaS Operations Developer, WaveMark

One of the strengths of Sideview Utils resides in the good examples downloaded with it. I installed it in one click, learned it in 15 minutes, developed several dashboards with easy drilldown mechanisms, and created new tables with icons and images in 30 minutes.  As a developer I always prefer a comprehensive yet modular solution that allows me to meet customer needs with high quality and high speed, and I found it in Sideview Utils.

Steve Drain, Splunk Consultant

After working with Splunk’s out of the box XML modules for nearly a year I finally decided to give Sideview Utils a try and what did I discover? That I’ve wasted a year with silly workarounds and needlessly long hours of development and testing. Sideview Utils streamlined development, cleaned up my code and made everything just work SO much better. Download it. Download it NOW!

Garfield Connolly,  Splunk Consultant, Epicycle, Ltd

We use Splunk to manage call records from a variety of PBXs (Nortel, Avaya, Alcatel, etc).   Splunk’s capabilities for ingesting data made it an obvious choice.   However, we struggled with our front end requirements until we discovered Nick and Sideview. Sideview Utils made Splunk exponentially more useful to us and it allowed us to dramatically accelerate our development as well as shorten our deployment cycles.

Ken Mattern, IT Consultant, Aranea Solutions

Before discovering Sideview Utils it was almost, or was totally, impossible to do some of the things that our Army and Navy customers wanted. For example they wanted specific icons to display based on when one of their customers accessed the portal. Or they wanted drilldowns that displayed side by side details. Splunk Advanced XML was not up to the task and when it was the resulting code was difficult to read and work with.

With Sideview Utils we have been able to create eye popping tables including easy to write  drilldowns. The icons display the way the customer wishes and more. We have been significantly more productive with Sideview and are looking forward to presenting even better dashboards in the coming year. With Sideview I know we can do it, and in record time!

Not only that but the documentation in Sideview is far superior to Splunk documentation. Sideview has actual examples that you can run and test. All the XML is detailed and easy to follow. In fact I hardly read the comments any more instead I just look at the XML to figure out what I need to do. And by using Sideview my XML is cleaner and easier to understand. A co-worker said to me, when looking at my Sideview XML, “Wow! Even I can read that.”

Luke Harris, Splunk Consultant

Sideview Utils makes it so easy to build complex dashboards in Splunk. I have waved goodbye to intentions and can now build awesome dashboards with multiple pulldowns quickly and easily. The HTML module makes it simple to create great looking Splunk Apps, and the ability to create drilldowns and links to other dashboards is very straightforward. The Lookup Updater is a massive win for users to manage lookup tables from within the Splunk GUI. I would recommend Sideview Utils to any Splunker who wants to create powerful dashboards to impress their customers and decision makers.

Nick also provides fantastic support whenever questions or queries arise and he is always happy to consider feature requests too.