Sideview Utils


Licensing FAQ

Is Sideview Utils 3.X free?

When you download it from the Sideview website or from Splunkbase you will accept the “Sideview Free Internal Use License Agreement”. While this places some restrictions on your usage, it is indeed free. You can read that agreement here, or feel free to ask us for a non-clickwrap copy in word format.

How about the old version – Sideview Utils 1.3.5?

That was distributed under the LGPL, so it is also free. We no longer distribute it on the site for all, but if you Contact us we can get you a tar.gz of the old version under the LGPL if you need a copy.

I don’t think my Legal department will accept all the licensing terms – what do I do?

This happens. Sideview is flexible here, but not as regards the “free” agreement. Instead we would start from a different agreement – the “Sideview Internal Use License Agreement”. This has a standard pricing model and we just negotiate license riders and redlines your legal wants on top of this starting point. Unless your terms are onerous it would just be our standard pricing which is $2,500/yr (Do contact us anyway).

What about if I’m a Splunk consultant?

The free license extends not only to employees of company X but also specifically to its agents and consultants. This means when you’re just fulfilling a services contract with your customers, you’re actually considered to be working on behalf of your customer. As long as everything you do there is “internal” to that customer then you’re fine. Where you can get into trouble is if you have a prewritten app or “template” owned by your company, you want to license that common base of stuff to your customer, and then just customize the top parts for them. If you’re doing something like that then you are really distributing and licensing your own IP to third parties and you should keep reading.

What about if I actually do want to create my own app and distribute it or allow my end-customers to use my Splunk instance?

Then you need the Sideview Developer Agreement which includes support. With one of these you can ship as many copies of that app as you like, or expose as many end-customers to that hosted service as you like, etc. Contact us for full terms. Pricing is $5K per year per app or per solution.

What if I want to give this app/solution/something away for free?

Although this is definitely on a case-by-case basis, I will say that Sideview has sometimes granted a free OEM right to friendly customers who want to distribute an app and never want to monetize it, not even as a driver of other business. We are trying to improve this here but it’s happened a few times so contact us to talk about this. Again this is purely at Sideview’s discretion and it is unusual.


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