Latest version: 1.3.5

Sideview Utils (legacy 1.3.5 LGPL version)

Version 1.3.5 was released in 2012 and is little more than the core modules and some simple docs.   Next »

App Details

Latest version: 1.3.5
Last updated: July 2012
First released: July 2012
CIM compliance: N/A

If you are here looking for the extremely old 1.3.5 version of Sideview Utils (distributed under the Lesser Gnu Public License), take a moment to re-evaluate whether you can instead upgrade to using the latest version today.

There are many reasons to do so!

  1. 1.3.5 is over 5 years old, whereas the current version offers hundreds of improvements including bugfixes, security fixes, new features and new documentation. The cumulative difference between 1.3.5 and 3.3.X is massive. Cumulative release notes are here.
  2. The current version is available from this site, free for internal use, and will be generally backward compatible with your custom views.
  3. If legal concerns in the past made you hesitate to switch from the LGPL version to any more recent version, those concerns may well be answered by our Licensing FAQ page.

If your concern is not listed there, please Contact Us!

Or if you still feel you need to continue using the 1.3.5 version of Sideview Utils under the Lesser Gnu Public License, also please Contact us and we will provide you a copy of it under that license.