Latest version: 1.1

Sideview Reporter for CA ControlMinder

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App Details

Latest version: 1.1
Last updated: June 29th, 2016

This Splunk App makes it easy to consume and report on the endpoint and password-vault security data coming from CA ControlMinder.   Whether you have only a few endpoints or tens of thousands, this app will allow you to mine out useful information and to quickly set up custom reports and dashboards for any use case you can dream up.   The rule of thumb is this – if what you want can be done in principle based on the considerable audit data logged by ControlMinder itself, then you can set up reports and dashboards for it using this product.

How to get Started

You can download everything you need right now and test drive the solution using your own live production data. Our solution comes in the form of a Splunk App that you can get as a 90 day Trial version from this page.   As for the Splunk server underneath, Splunk also has a free trial download. See the links to the right for both downloads.   Setting up both will take less than 15 minutes assuming you have your own hardware available.

How the App connects to CA ControlMinder

The App gets the data by connecting to the Tibco EMS queue inside CA ControlMinder. You simply fill out a few form fields after the app is installed – host, username, password, and whether ssl is enabled. Then the App handles everything else.


Contact us for pricing information – both for our ControlMinder Solution and also for the Splunk Enterprise License required by the Splunk server underneath.

Don’t forget our Installation and Setup Documentation!