Latest version: 0.1

Cisco UCCX

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App Details

Latest version: 0.1
CIM compliance: N/A

What this is:

  • A great working prototype, with examples, on how to talk to and glean useful information from your UCCX DB.
  • It includes some DB Inputs, a few searches and an example dashboard.
  • The beginning of what we hope will become a useful application.

What this is not:

  • It is not a one click way to report on UCCX.
  • There is no big pile of canned reports and dashboards.
  • It is not for the new Splunk admin, just getting their feet wet.
  • (Conversely, perhaps as long as you are patient it might be a good thing as a practice app to learn with).

OK, now that I’ve laid that out so there are no surprises…

What next?

If that’s of interest to you, over on the right you’ll find a link to download the trial!

Also, more information can be found in our blog, “UCCX, the beginnings”  That should help you get started.