NOTE: Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics app was formerly named “Splunk for Cisco CDR” and is referred to as such in these testimonials.

Frank A. – Network Engineer – Healthcare IT

As a VoIP Specialist in my current environment, I  have found that the Splunk for Cisco CDR app has been extremely beneficial in Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Capacity planning for our voice network.  As a troubleshooting tool, Splunk for Cisco CDR app allows us to easily search for (and read!) Cisco Call Detail records to find call routing problems that were reported at earlier times in which we are not able to duplicate the problem i.e.  troubles that occur due to an oversubscribed circuit.  The Reports and Capacity planning tools in the latest version help us to accurately predict voice traffic so we can size trunk groups appropriately (to prevent troubles like the one mentioned above.) By Using the valuable Data that we are getting from the Splunk for CDR app, we have been able to make adjustments to our entire call routing model that will be able to save us well above the amount we invested in Splunk and the Cisco CDR app.  The tools themselves would not be as effective if we did not get the up front and fantastic customer service from the Sideview apps team.  They are knowledgeable, responsive, and more than willing to help us get the most out of the tools, in some cases applying updates to requests on the same day.  I recommend Sideview apps and Splunk for Cisco CDR app to all my colleagues.   Thanks Sideview Apps team !

Sam Kobesy Network-Telecom Engineer – Teradata Corporation

In my 15 years of dealing with call details records (CDR) I had my share of sheer frustration because of the lack of available tools for CDR and I must have demoed most if not all CDR management and reporting tools all in search of the one that can mine through the endless CDR details and generate meaningful reports.

My search ended when I found  the Splunk for Cisco CDR App last year, Sideview successfully managed to create a tool that is not only easy to learn and use but it covers a wide array of reports’ needs, from the basic single call search to complex reports to establish trends and identify anomalies. Not to mention the excellent customer and support services. Thank you for the excellent work.