Getting the App

the Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics app is a Splunk app meaning it runs on Splunk Enterprise or in Splunk Cloud.

However If you are only just learning this now, that’s fine. You can get a 60 day trial of Splunk Enterprise from and a 90 day trial of the Cisco CDR app from us.

But no matter what situation you’re in, just go through our Download, Install + Setup documentation and the whole thing can take only 30mins for some folks.

Getting a Trial License – If you need a 90 day trial license go ahead and click “Get trial license” on the left. It will ask for your email address (and we really don’t do anything with this we promise).
And again, if you are getting a trial license your next step right after that will be to go back to our Download, Install + Setup documentationsetup docs .

Also Note: If you previously had a 90 day trial license and it has expired – we are quite often willing to extend these particularly if your evaluation was a little slow to start in the first 90 days. Shoot us an email!.

If you have any comments at all about the documentation, please send it in to