Getting the App

  1. From within Splunk – Download and install it from within Splunk itself – from the Apps menu pick “Manage Apps” and then “Browse More apps”, and then search for “cisco CDR Reporting”. Unless your Splunk Admins have locked this down this is typically the easiest way.
  2. From Splunk’s website – You can download it as a tar.gz file from Splunkbase directly.
  3. From this site – Last but not least, or you can always get it from our site (see the links to the left).

Getting a License string

  1. Production License. – If you are a customer and need a copy of your full production license click “Download Full version” and enter your email address on the following form. When it recognizes you as a customer and sends you the link to download the tar.gz it will also include your license string.
  2. Trial License – If you need a 90 day trial license go ahead and click “Get trial license” on the left. It will ask for your email address (and we really don’t do anything with this we promise).

Also Note: If you previously had a 90 day trial license and it has expired – we are quite often willing to extend these particularly if your evaluation was a little slow to start in the first 90 days. Shoot us an email!.

If you have any comments at all about the documentation, please send it in to