The Cisco CDR App provides a mechanism to partially automate this process.  Follow the instructions below.

Note this has nothing to do with Splunk’s Clusters – only UCM’s Clusters.

The Main Setup Process

  • From the main menu across the top, select Setup then select Build the cluster List.
  • Review the clusters found –
    • If this looks correct, proceed to the next step.
    • If this does not look correct, change the drop-down for how many records to look back through to a larger value.
  • When the number of clusters looks right, click the green button to Persist clusters to lookup.

Optional Steps

It is possible to fill in the optional ‘clusterName’ and ‘clusterGroup’ fields for each cluster.

Please note this is not possible until after you have persisted the clusters to a lookup, as per the main setup process above.

  • Edit the file at $SPLUNK_HOME/opt/splunk/etc/apps/cisco_cdr/lookups/clusters.csv.
    • Preferably use a text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, vi, nano, etc…) then resave as a text file named clusters.csv.
    • You can also edit this in Excel, but make sure to save it out as plain old ‘csv’ format, NOT as an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx).

Once the clusters have clusterName and clusterGroup values, those fields will start appearing when appropriate in the app’s interface.

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