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Callmanager configuration

For all install types – Standalone or Distributed

Making CallManager send the CDR data to the destination host (the SFTP server we set up earlier) is a multi-step process on the Cisco side.

Make sure CDR records are being generated

  • Log into the Cisco Unified CM Administration interface.
  • Go to System > Service Parameters.
  • Select your CM server.
  • Select the CallManager Service.
  • After the parameters load, look under System section and make sure the CDR Enabled flag is set to true.

Get the call quality data as well

While not strictly necessary, this is a high value but low volume item that will provide call quality fields (jitter, latency, MOS scores and more).

  • Go to section Clusterwide Parameters (Device – General).
  • Set item Call Diagnostics Enabled to either Enabled Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True or Enabled Regardless of CDR Enabled Flag.

Specifying our host as an “External Billing Server” in “Cisco Unified Servicability”

For later versions of the Call Manager (10.x and newer);

  • Navigate to the Cisco Unified Serviceability module using the navigation in the upper right.
  • Click Tools then CDR Management.
  • Click Add New in the Billing Application Server Parameters section.
  • Provide the Host Name or IP Address of the SFTP or FTP host.
  • Provide the User Name and Password for the SFTP or FTP user that has been set up.
  • Enter the Directory Path of the folder you set up in the SFTP or FTP server.
  • Finally, confirm the Resend on Failure option is selected.
  • Click Add.


  • Confirm there are no errors when you clicked “Add” above.
    • If there are, check your SFTP credentials, server information and status and try again.
  • After completing the above steps, check that the SFTP server is receiving files.
    • It might take a couple of minutes before the first one shows up.
    • It also takes a call completing before any information will be sent – you can hurry this up by making a short phone call, hanging up, then waiting another minute.
  • Finally, confirm that the files exist in the location on the file system of the SFTP server where you expect them.

For older versions of Call Manager, the instructions are much the same but you might have to hunt a little for where the settings are. In 4.X to 6.x look in Cisco Unified Serviceability –> Tools –> CDR Management. From 7.X to 9.x, look in Tools > CDR Management Configuration.

Optional – Calling Party Normalization

This is not necessary, but if you have a lot of inconsistency in how dialing prefixes are reported on party numbers in the CDR, we recommend taking some time to study the relevant sections of your CUCM documentation around Calling Party Normalization.

What’s next?

After configuring CallManager to send the CDR data, please continue to the next section, Install the apps.

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