You should now have data coming in and you can investigate calls or build reports.

Quick confirmations

There are several ways to confirm this, and I’d check one or more of these:

  • Open our app’s Home tab and check that there are no errors and that the various panels are starting to populate with data.
  • Click Investigate then select Calls from the list and make sure the calls that are there “appear correct”.
  • If at this point something doesn’t appear to be working or doesn’t look right, go to our Setup tab then Run health checks.  If there are any errors, let us know about them at

If you have clusters outside the US

Please check and change the locale specified for each cluster under our apps’ Setup > Define clusters and locales. It will only take a few seconds, but it will help the app extract things like country codes and area codes correctly for calls on that cluster.

Next Steps

There are a few things to additionally set up.  Not *all* of these are useful to everyone, but at least *one* of them will be!

Pick the one that looks like it’d be the most useful, and give it a try.  You’ll thank us later.


What if I told you that you could search, filter and report on your own departmental structure and have names that matched your Active Directory names and departments and possibly other fields as well?  (You don’t actually need to have Active Directory to use this feature, BTW!)

Here’s one of the many ways to use this information.  Click the screenshot for a bigger version of the image!

For more information, check out our page for enabling and using groups.


Do you or your users have problems remembering where the device is?  I would too, so I don’t blame them.

Instead of having to remember it, you could add “” as a subnet in Sites with name “The Batcave” and have the app keep track for you, like the below.

You can start with some big /8’s and slice it up more finely later.  If you have an IPAM solution or your network folks keep a spreadsheet, there may ways to import that and use it as well.  For more information, read our page for setting up and using sites.


If you have any comments at all about the documentation, please send it in to