I have no Splunk yet at all!

Well the good news is that there’s probably lots of options for ways to get this started.

The bad news is, there’s no way I would be able to do them justice in some footnoted convoluted page here.  So I’ll just cover a couple of common scenarios, with links to get you started.

Two common scenarios

Splunk Cloud

Splunk Cloud has a 14 day trial you can sign up for.  Our app’s trial will work fine on that.  You can find out more on Splunk’s Cloud Platform Trial [Splunk] page.  While Splunk cloud gets you out of *some* of the heavy lifting, you’ll still need a local host that will run an SFTP server and a Splunk forwarder.

Splunk Enterprise

There’s also a 60 day trial of the on-premise Splunk Enterprise, which will also work fine for our trial.  This lets you have a local install on a VM, a physical machine or even on your own desktop.  If Splunk’s “Installation overview [Splunk]” page from their Installation Manual looks like fun, then by all means have at it!

Next steps

If you have the wherewithal to get Splunk up and running, but need some general advice on cloud vs. on-prem or specific advice for your environment, feel free to email us at support@sideviewapps.com and we can set up a time where we can talk about what sort of infrastructure you have and how best you might proceed.



If you have any comments at all about the documentation, please send it in to docs@sideviewapps.com.