What “Sites” Are

Sites are location information for internal subnets.

(That’s just a sample – see more screenshots in our user docs!)

Note this is actually optional!

You don’t have to do it, but most folks with more than one physical location find it extremely useful.

To test it out with a few entries, you can use item 6 below to identify some potential sites (or ask your network folks), then use item 3 below to add a few (and item 2 to edit them after the fact if need be).

To do it for anything more than a dozen or so sites, you’ll likely user 4 and 5 to download/upload it as a CSV file.

Enabling and Using Sites

To set it up, go to Setup > Define Sites in the app’s main navigation bar.

On that page you can:

  1. Get more information about how to use these pages
  2. Edit existing sites
    • Useful for making small, quick changes to a few entries
  3. Add new sites manually
  4. Upload a new CSV
    • The new CSV overwrites the old lookup, so replaces it entirely. Make sure you include everything!
    • If your network team can give you a properly formatted CSV (see #5), this is where you can upload it to your system.
  5. Download a CSV version of the existing sites
    • You could edit this and re-upload as per #4
    • Also useful to give as a “template” to your networking team.
  6. Or find new, unassigned sites to add.
    • Subnets that are already in a site are filtered out of this list, so don’t be alarmed that you can’t see everything!

Subnets are entered into the Sites lookup in CIDR notation (like “”) and one thing to note is that nested subnets *are* supported.  That means you can include both more and less specific network overlaps, and the app will ‘do the right thing’ and use the most specific matching entry.

More information

Browse > Sites

As shown before, here’s what you might get if you Browse > Sites

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg – for more uses, click through to our User Documentation for Sites where we’ll show you how to:

  • Examine site to site concurrency
  • Filter by certain sites (or exclude certain sites) from search or reporting results
  • Show call volumes/durations by sites
  • And other useful, easy reports!


If you have any comments at all about the documentation, please send it in to docs@sideviewapps.com.