Getting a license key


Configure CallManager to send the data

In the next step we are going to configure CallManager to SFTP the CDR and CMR records over, so first we have to set up either a FTP or SFTP server to accept those connections.

Decide which Splunk Host we will send them to

If you have chosen to set up a Standalone Indexer deployment, then we mean that single indexer. If on the other hand you’re setting up a Distributed Deployment, then you’ll now pick the host that will run the Universal Forwarder instance and we mean that host.

Setting up an SFTP/SSH server

If you’re running Splunk on a Windows system, there are several options. One place to start is the free SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server.  And one commercial option is WinSSHD.

On the other hand if you’re running Splunk on a Linux or Unix system, just make sure sshd is up and running, and that the Callmanager host has a route to it.

In either case, create a user and password that Call Manager can use.

Specifying our host as an “External Billing Server” in “Cisco Unified Servicability”

For later versions of the Call Manager (10.x and newer);

  • Navigate to the Cisco Unified Serviceability module using the navigation in the upper right.
  • Click Tools then CDR Management.
  • Click Add New in the Billing Application Server Parameters section.
  • Provide the Host Name or IP Address of the SFTP or FTP host.
  • Provide the User Name and Password for the SFTP or FTP user that has been set up.
  • Enter the Directory Path of the folder you set up in the SFTP or FTP server.
  • Finally, confirm the Resend on Failure option is selected.
  • Click Add.

Cisco Unified Serviceability will attempt a connection to the SFTP or FTP server to confirm that your settings work. Once sucessful, this step is complete.

For older versions of Call Manager, the instructions are much the same but you might have to hunt a little for where the settings are. In 4.X to 6.x look in Cisco Unified Serviceability –> Tools –> CDR Management. From 7.X to 9.x, look in Tools > CDR Management Configuration.

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