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Configure the Splunk host as an “external billing server” in CallManager

CallManager can send CDR and CMR files to an ‘external billing server’ via FTP or SFTP.

Where you configure this inside the Cisco UCM Administration pages will depend on the version of the software.
For older versions back to 4.X look in “Cisco Unified Serviceability –> Tools –> CDR Management”. For 7.X and newer versions, look in “Tools > CDR Management Configuration”.

When you find the page, adding the Splunk host as a Billing Application Server is easy.   Click “Add new”.  Enter the hostname or IP of your Splunk server.

Also enter the full path on the filesystem of the Splunk server to which you would like CallManager to SFTP the files.  

Make sure that the “resend on failure” box is checked.

Note: In general the Splunk approach to forward data from another host, is to install the Splunk Universal Forwarder or some kind of Splunk forwarder on the production host and to forward the data to the Splunk “indexer” over TCP. For various reasons that approach does not work with CallManager. Fortunately the “external billing server” mechanism provided by Cisco works very well.

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