Canary (0.7.1 Beta)


Release Notes

Version 0.7 (August, 2019)

  • Changing default sort order in the Table module to be descending
  • Improvement to the shared menu code so the last-opened submenu doesn’t stick open while you’re mousing around.
  • Ported over the hideOnEmpty param for CheckboxPulldown which had been added to Sideview Utils in the past year.
  • Improved tooltip positioning and design in the Chart module when there is a split-by field.
  • Fields module now saves and loads the users current selected fields to/from ui-prefs.conf
  • Improvements to how things work as the user clicks around from Simple XML views to HTML dashboard views, to canary views, in the app nav bar
  • Fixed some general module loading logic that was preventing the Link and Button module’s “allowAutoSubmit” params from working.
  • Quite a lot of small compatibility fixes for when an admin has set Splunk Enterprise 8.0 to run all apps in python3.
  • Fixed a bug in TimePicker where it would erroneously push changes downstream when you opened the “Custom” modal popup.
  • Fixed a bug in some advanced Multiplexer cases.
  • Fixed file encoding issues with a couple third party libraries that were causing breakage on Python3
  • Removed last usage of the Splunk Python SDK
  • Fixed various problems in the Sideview licensing endpoint when run in Python3.

Version 0.6.1 (August 28th, 2019)

  • TopNav module now has a link to the Admin section landing page.
  • if apps link to ‘search’ with a canary uri, the controller now redirects the browser to the standard splunk uri, retaining other params.
  • Deleting the “Messaging” module as it dates from extremely early on in Canary’s timeline and the level of configurability that it aimed for now seems silly. All messaging rewritten to be handled by a single message area for now.
  • Fixed bugs in CheckboxPulldown and Multiplexer modules that were causing an extra cycle of job dispatch+cancel in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug in the AppNav module where clicks upon the actual arrow icons would fail to open the submenu.
  • Introduced a mechanism where any module can set a “hideChildrenOnload” param to True, and all downstream modules will load hidden when the page first loads.
  • Fixed a bug where modules in some hierarchies would end up with the incorrect layout panel
  • Fixed bugs in the Pager module around the two-pager configuration (with one above and one below).
  • Fixed a bug where job progress events were not firing on previewable jobs.
  • Chart module modified so on progress events it will update it’s existing chart object instead of recreating it from scratch.
  • Search module now can accept $foo$ tokens in its “preview” param, allowing this to be set from form elements or other upstream logic
  • Chart module now, even if the job is not previewable, it will at least update with a little “Loading (12.34%)” text.
  • TimePicker module now gets the times.conf stanzas in correct order (sorted by the order key, numerically)
  • Fixed a bug in CheckboxPulldown where in some cases it would erroneously deselect all of its options on page load (instead of selecting all).

Version 0.6 (August 23rd, 2019)

  • First release
  • A list of release notes is not feasible since this is about 7 years of development.
    Such a list would include thousands of stories added and defects resolved.