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Sideview apps are all about interactivity.  Lacking armies of interns and easy access to domain experts, our apps use the same strategy that Splunk used – we provide an open interactive system for you to traverse the data yourself.  Along the way we also provide the tools to create the ‘content’ you need. Rather than a barrage of dashboards and screens and datasheets, you get a practical tool that your team can use right away to run ad-hoc reports, setup monitoring, and start closing whatever knowledge gaps they’re facing today.

Tell us what you need

If one of our apps is lacking some interface or some functionality that you really need, tell us about it! Our ability to iterate and incorporate feedback and release new versions of the apps will surprise you.

Let us help you meet your goals

One more piece of advice — Splunk is a much deeper platform for analytics than it may at first appear. As you start doing more and more complex reporting and analytics tasks in Splunk, you may get to the point where you doubt Splunk can actually meet your needs. Contact us when you reach that point because Splunk can; most likely you just need a quick nudge towards the right documentation or towards a method to combine familiar functionality in unfamiliar ways.

Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics

Investigate calls, create reports and set up monitoring on the records coming from Cisco CallManager. Learn more

Supporting AXL App for Cisco CDR Reporting and Analytics

Connects via Cisco AXL to get device-level data like model names, user names, email addresses, departments, device pools and more. Learn more

Cisco UCCX

Finally, a way to get UCCX information into Splunk! Learn more


The new UI framework for Splunk that you'll need to run Sideview XML views and Sideview apps in Splunk 8.0 Learn more

Sideview Utils

The one app to rule them all. This app provides modules and techniques that allow non-developers to build very rich Splunk interfaces. Learn more

Insider Threat Connector

Get deep visibility and flexible reporting into the auditing and video recording capabilities of ObserveIT Enterprise. Learn more

Mitel/Shoretel Call Reporting

Simple and powerful call reporting and analytics for Shoretel's VOIP systems. Learn more