Sideview Utils 2.2 – even more awesome

This was a big release.   The Table and Multiplexer modules introduce a new Sideview mechanism that allows you to greatly expand the range of custom rendering.    I’ll be expanding on this as soon as I can, in the form of a new “Cooking with Sideview” video, so keep an eye out for that.

Until then, you can of course download  the app yourself and check out the examples and the docs.

Also many people seem to have missed this so remember that Sideview Utils is free for internal use as of several months ago!   Unless you’re developing a commercial app or distributing stuff to third parties the Internal Use Agreement should be all you need to get going.

Anyway, here’s why 2.2 is so cool:

Multiplexer::  Multiplexer allows you to custom-render search result rows, and use Splunk and Sideview modules to do that custom rendering.   This sounds kind of like nothing at all, but it’s very very amazing.      Picture being able to write a dashboard where for *EACH* row in your search results you can have a graph.  Or a graph and a table and some HTML.

You can also take a Multiplexer, along with the multiplexed modules, and put it downstream from a Pager module.  This allows your users to effectively page through 10,000 custom charts, each with custom drilldowns and custom headers.   If you understand what I’m saying your head may have exploded.    And the best thing about all this is that it doesn’t require a single line of custom code, let alone a Splunk “event_renderer”.     So if you thought you had to learn python or mako or javascript to do stuff even half as cool as this,  think again.

Table::   The Table module is extremely simple.  And when you need it to be ludicrously powerful, it can do that too.   Sensible defaults mean that it pretty much does the job of SimpleResultsTable but does it better.

Params like rowClass, rowStyle mean you can do a lot of simple changes like row background colors.

Params like hiddenFields and fields mean you have fields that are available in the drilldown data but not actually visible in the table rows.

Params like earliestTimeField, latestTimeField and durationField mean you can set up drilldowns on custom epochtime-valued fields.

And last but not least,   Table allows you to do the same Sideview-style templating that we just went over in the Multiplexer module.    Want to make some of your tablecells display as an icon instead of a piece of text?  no problem.   Want to have a pie chart in each row of your search results table?   No problem.   Want to do all this and still have a custom drilldown?  No problem.

And as always, the new release has a bunch of other more humdrum fixes and improvements.  Check out the release notes,  check out the app homepage, and check back later for another Cooking With Sideview episode about all this.  And thanks as always to the users who gave feedback and asked for things. =)


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