Sideview Utils 2.1 released


A bunch of great stuff just came out in Sideview Utils 2.1

“Runtime Debug” mode in the Sideview Editor.   For the first time Splunk admins have a way to debug tricky form searches and inline drilldowns.   Are the $foo$ tokens not ending up quite where they’re supposed to?  Walk the module hierarchy in your view and inspect the live arguments and searches and timeranges as they’re flowing around in the living view.   Until now to get any real work done you’ve had to insert HTML modules into the actual view,  to debug out the keys you’re interested in,  like $search$ and $myPulldownName$.   Now you can work more quickly and less painfully.

The Lookup Updater.  Have you ever found it limiting that even Splunk admin users have no way to update an existing file-based lookup from Manager?   Well I put together a little prototype view with it’s own little controller that you can use to do just that.  Try it out and let me know what you think. 

Fixes to the core Splunk platform around handling of “All time” searches.  In the Splunk UI,  the lack of a timerange is implicitly the “all time” timerange.   Although in a way it’s  sort of a neat convention, there’s no denying that this creates some frustrating problems for Splunk admins and app developers.    Now however Sideview Utils 2.1 unveils an emerging convention whereby an “all”/”all” timerange is treated as an “explicit” all time timerange that triggers prepopulation, and the old no-timerange timerange still wont trigger prepopulation.   If you have no idea what I’m talking about that’s perfectly fine.    This is just a core improvement.

Short version:  In views that have the Sideview back button support turned on,   back button and forward buttons will now work even across “All Time” timeranges being selected. =)

Bugs.  There are always some.  We always fix them.



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