Sideview Utils 2.0, now free for internal use!

There’s been another turn in the road around the Sideview Utils licensing.   Full details are in the license agreement, but in short Sideview Utils 2.0 is now available free of charge for internal use only.   (woot!)

To illustrate:

So if you want to use Sideview Utils for some dashboards that you use internally,   go for it.  Likewise if you want to use it in a Splunk app,  but that app will only ever be used internally by people at your company, you’re good.

On the other hand if you’re developing something (like a dashboard or a Splunk app), if you want to sell or distribute that something to other companies, and you want to use Sideview Utils to make it better and build it faster,  well the internal use license agreement is of no use to you.  However!   All is not lost!   If you find yourself in this situation just contact us and we can talk about our OEM agreement.

Wait, why give it away?  

Well,  when Sideview Utils stopped being freely available under the LGPL (as of 2.0),  obviously our download numbers went way down.    However even with that huge and expected falloff in new users there was a surprising rise in interest among companies who were building commercial products on top of Splunk, and who needed an OEM agreement to use Sideview Utils in those products.

As time wore on it became more and more apparent that the OEM side of the business was perfectly viable and also that it was a much more efficient model than selling lots and lots of end-user licenses.    So by giving it away for free to the end-users, restricting them to internal use only, we’re betting that the word will get out and that will end up driving more OEM business.  Simple as that.   That is, if you’re still reading.  If you’re not still reading it probably didn’t seem simple at all.


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