Splunk conf2019, come and find us!

I hope you are coming!  Nick and I will both be there in various capacities.

Nick is giving a talk – it’s a new and improved version of his long-standing  talk on building performant searches by using the stats command instead of join or other less efficient commands.

I will be helping out at the Community Lounge (see below!)- We’ll be putting on a series of talks that try to bring serious technical chops back to .conf.

Where will we be, usually?

Obviously we’ll be all over, but if we’re not in a session* or busy doing SplunkTrust things, we’ll probably be found in or near the Community Lounge or by “Ask the Experts”, of which we’re both a part.

The yellow blobs below are those locations:

* While we go to sessions, we’re seasoned enough that we don’t fill our whole conf with sessions.  We’ve found we learn more in the hallways and talking to people.

How will you find us?

We’ll often have our Fez on, and this year should be in kilts.

And no, I can’t find a better conf picture of Nick, he’s *always* looking the wrong direction.  but we’re easy to find – wearing a fez and beardless gets you pretty close.

First Time Run

If you’ve never been to .conf before, stop by the FTR booth for a tour, some useful words, some swag and … they end up in the Community Lounge which is where you’ll be most likely to find us!

Community Lounge

All roads lead to the Community Lounge!  Well, they may not, but they should.

What’s in the Community Lounge that you should care about?

a) Fezzes!  Many of the SplunkTrust members for the current year will be there, answering questions, chatting and otherwise just hanging out.  We not *always* the smartest people in the room, but we’re always some of the most helpful!  And we have stories!

b) BSides talks!  I mentioned above that I’ll be helping to put on the BSides – a smattering of more technical talks that got cut for some reason or another from the main sessions.  Note that Nick ALSO has one of these – The Wayback Machine.  Come and see what Splunk looked like in the early days, see what features were in and not in version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.4.

c) More info will be put here as we get a little more firm on a few things!


Come and find us, and even if you don’t, come find the Community Lounge when you need a break!

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