4.4 interface changes

New in 4.4 we have rearranged a few key pieces of the Browse Calls interface.

But first a note from the future! If you want more information on UI changes, you should definitely check out the big changes we made for search filters in 6.0!

Overall, the flow through these fields wasn’t as good as it could have been.  In our extensive customer testing (e.g. “we pay attention on Webexes with customers”) we realized that nearly everyone used the fields in an order that didn’t fit how it was laid out on screen.  So we moved the fields around a bit to better reflect the workflow most people use.  We also changed some wording to make it more clear what each portion does, and in some cases how it relates to the other fields.

The new look

Compare to the old look:

1) We renamed “Show all activity for” to find calls to/from and moved it to the front of the fields.  This makes it clear what this field is use for.

2) When it’s empty, the faded enter number(s) just *begs* to have something entered.  This was usually the first field most folks wanted, but it was previously stuck in the middle of the flow.

3) Again improving the flow, the time picker got moved to be next so you won’t miss it.

4) If you needed the cluster, it’s right there.

5) The call types picker never seems to be where people want to start even though it used to be left-most field.  Now it’s more logically placed.

6) The old location for “Scan only the X most recent call legs” did not indicate its importance.  Changing the wording a little to get only the X most recent call legs and moving it to the left-most item in the second row helps to define what you need it for.

7) Finally, search filters.  This incredibly powerful, full featured search field was also not given the emphasis it deserved.  It’s the last field  because it operates *after* the data has all be pulled off the disks, so everything else comes before it.

Like it?  Love it?  Or even hate it?

Let us know what you think of the new look and flow!

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