Shotgun Reporting app released

Earlier this year I wrote up an app called “Shotgun Reporting” as an entry for the Splunk Apptitude contest. Here’s its page on the contest site. I like to think it had a shot at winning but it didn’t. In any event it was a fun and pretty intense week prototyping and building it.

In the weeks after, the idea of it got a lot of attention from Splunk, and a few people asked me about it. There was no official way to actually get a copy of it though, which was lame. So I’m happy to write that today that’s been fixed. The app is available for download here as a 90 day trial. Check it out. Give it some of your data and see if it shows you something weird that you didn’t already know. Let me know either way cause I’m curious.

I touch on this in the description as you’ll see, but this really is a milestone in a larger body of work to build a kind of SuperApp. What this comes from is my app development methodology itself. On day one I’ll get a large body of sample data from some new technology or product. Then within a single day I’ll try to both understand that data, figure out what some key use cases around that data might be, and also build a first working version of the app. This first version typically has custom list views and detail views for the key entities represented in the data, and a general report builder with built in drilldown to other reports. I’ve done this a lot and each time it’s maddening because many of the steps I go through could easily be automated, to reduce the time from 1 day to… 4 hours? an hour? 5 minutes? Who knows?

Anyway, hopefully this ends up being the first in a series of apps, on the way to the SuperApp, but until then check out Shotgun Reporting!

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