Sideview Utils 2.7.1 released this morning.

I’m not sure why I haven’t been posting release notes as “news” items on the site. Going forward I think I’m going to post the release notes emails here. Without further ado:

2.7.1 (November 26th, 2013)
> Fixed a bug in the Filters module where certain back-button and
forward-button scenarios would lead to inconsistent UI state.
> Fixed a bug in the Timeline module where it wouldn’t call abandonJob
which made it not filter correctly for “transforming” searches.
> Fixed a bug in the Lookup Updater where if you entered a space or
a comma while editing it would submit the edit. Now the only way to
submit it while typing is to hit Enter.

These are fairly small maintenance fixes but if you use either of these modules or the Lookup Updater then you should upgrade.

Sideview Utils is still alive and well and being downloaded more than ever. There have been a lot of questions about ongoing relevance now that Splunk 6 is out. Here is a short version:

– The Simple XML updates in 6.0 are nice but fairly minimal compared to the set of Simple XML limitations that drive people from Simple XML to Sideview Utils.

– As for Splunk’s new UI framework, if you are a web developer and you like writing and maintaining significant amounts of source code, then you will enjoy diving into the new framework. However over time you may become one of those who return to Sideview Utils due to shorter iteration times and due to the higher number of moving parts in the new framework.

– And if you are not a developer or if you dont like writing and maintaining significant amounts of source code, Sideview Utils is probably still the best path for you.

Also I know there are some folks who haven’t seen the licensing FAQ yet so here’s that link again.

To all the Sideview users in the US – happy thanksgiving! ┬áTo everyone else – Enjoy the week when american’s dont answer email very well, or seem to be only half-conscious when they do!


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