Latest version: 1.0.5

Sideview Process Historian

If you use OSISoft's PI System, the app comes with a Windows service that makes collecting the data a snap. Within minutes you'll have the service connecting directly to OSISoft's PI SDK and forwarding the data to Splunk. If you don't use the PI System contact us and we'll show you other ways to get your live data coming in.   Next »
The only other setup step is about tag naming schemes. If you use a naming scheme in your tags the app can analyze and aggregate your data more powerfully.   Next »
And you're off. The browse interface allows you to navigate the layers of your naming scheme. You are shown the most recent value for each tag value and you can flip over into the 'report' mode at any time.   Next »
When you browse down to the leaf levels the aggregation will stop, each cell will represent a single tag, and clicking the cell will lead you to run reports about that tag.   Next »
You can run simple reports over time, save them and share them with team members.   Next »
Or you can choose other values for the X-axis. No matter what kind of chart you generate, each column and legend item and line is always clickable and leads you to yet another 'drilldown' report.   Next »

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